We Beat them All

Our Best Rate Promise

It is indeed rare for a company to make a pledge of a "Best Rate Promise" given the competitiveness of the London Holiday Money exchange market.  A bold statement of intent that represents CEC's confidence in its ability to Match or Beat any competitor rate within a 3 mile radius of an specific CEC branch.

Our Rate Promise explained:

“Best Rate Promise” and “Price Match” only applies on condition that currencies are brought or sold  at a CEC branch location which falls within a 3 miles radius of a competitor branch who’s exchange rates are compared to CEC rates. All transaction are subject to stock availability at the time of inquire.

We will beat Buy/Sell exchange rates published by any authorized MSB business (HMRC registered money service business) showing clear, visible conversion rates on exchange boards, on company websites or in national newspapers on any given week day (Monday to Friday) .

These rates should be available for the general public to buy or sell Foreign Currency banknotes, Commission Free, at the specified branch locations, on the day of comparison, over the counter during normal business hours.

The best rate promise applies for foreign banknotes only and not for bank to bank transfers, large speculative interbank investments or for any other projected purposes.

The best rate promise calculates the total spend you may incur at a competitor location including commission, handling and other fees where applicable when comparing total deal value.

The best rate promise guarantee applies to a maximum transactions value of £2500/-

Terms & Conditions:


No visible exchange rate display at the competitor location.

Competitor not an authorized MSB holder or the premises has no MSB registration for an exchange business.

Exchange rates negotiated between a customer and a competitor in special circumstances, and which differs from competitor's exchange board, web or nationally published rate.

Promotional exchange rates offered at a particular competitors' branch or at a specific time of the day which differ from the competitors' website or nationally advertised rates.

The best rate promise will not apply to any competitor buy-back offers of unspent foreign currency for which a premium was paid to a competitor up-front at the first time of first purchased.

Exchange Rates published on Friday but applied for transactions over Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays.

Exchange Rates published online by the competitors and offered to customers for a next day home delivery basis.

We always take considerable care to ensure that our foreign exchange rates are always accurate and up to date offering you the best exchange deal of the day.

Occasionally we do accept that mistakes can occur in our research of competitor exchange rates and therefore we reserve the right to correct these as and when they are brought to our attention.